Friday 13th

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Author: VEloneY
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Time: 3 month ago

I sit on my bed with the wall behind my back, leaning again it. Pulled my knees to my chest hugged them before covered my trembled body with comforter then started to bite my nails, my habit when im nervous or scared.Just a moment before my boyfriend walked out on me with no apparent reason. Left me all alone in my deepest fear and despair.Then i remembered my best friend who always stays with me in moment like this. I stumbled out of my bed, ran as fast as i could to his home just being stopped by his loud moan. I cursed loudly then ran back to my house.I began to dial my hyung number, he picked up after fourth ring with heavy panted and short breath. I cursed again and got back to my previous position before go to my friends.In my despair my mind drifted back and ford to every single bad things that had happened in Friday 13th. Whatll happen to me this time??