Till Death Do Us Part

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Author: yunnie-boojae
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Well hello again! I hope you guys dont find me annoying already LOLOLL.Im back with a not-so-perfect fic in honour of my very perfect OTP.Its not my fault, I blame Kai for more Daejae feels and giving me this blessed damn prompt and then me not knowing what to do with it and having too many ideas, annnd so this might just become a mini series/chaptered... thing.Idk what are words.Anyway... here you are! Daejae!Wedding inspired by OTP and their stupid obvious antics and way too many unnecessary feels.THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU, KAI. Heres to a -hopefully- successful Daejae! And my very first chaptered fanfic. Sort of.Comment, subscribe? Whatever suits your fancy. :) And thank you in advance for reading! <3- Sunhee╰☆╮ Foreword“Do you promise with all your heart and soul to honour this vow, till death do you part?”His eyes are glistening, his bottom lip is tucked between his teeth and the edge of his jaw is trembling; his palms are clammy and he might’ve already collapsed from his overwhelming flood of emotions if not for the reassuring squeezes that the other, tinier hand gives him. He nods, plump lip sliding out effortlessly. The breath he takes is shaky on inhale, but the two words he speaks are firm and decisive. He’s never been more sure of anything in his 24 years of life.“I do.”