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Author: izone_jhana
Time: 4 month ago

The day after ZOZI, their last concert, Chaeyeon and Eunbi are the last one to move out of each dorm. What would they feel inside their home for 2 years and 6 months? ForewordHI! WIZ*ONES, this is izone_jhana. I wonder if some of you have read this au because I post it a long time ago in my fan account on twitter which is @unniechaeyeon. I posted it last March 24 and I decided to try to edit it out and improve the wordings I used in this OS. Hope youll enjoy this OS! Disclaimer: We all (WIZONES) know that IZONE moved to a new dorm, keep in mind that this was written before they moved into a new one so the setting is their first dorm. Not the current one! Hope youll read this!