You are my cat

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Author: Kiddo23
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Ku Hye Sun Is a single woman , who is not looking for love.An Beautifull woman with long brown hair and bangs. White skin Dark brown eyes and straight nose. Every man falls head over heels for her. But She always said I am fine without a man. An independent woman who needs silence around her. Man are just noisy.Man cant be trusted why should I let one into my life? Her boss hates her , all the woman dislike her. But she just doesnt care.But one day when she takes a walk around the park, under the blossom trees. The peddels fell down touching her face. She clossed her eyes as they stroke her face. But then out of nowhere a Young man falls out of the tree in front of her, unconscious . Forewordout of nowhere a Young man falls out of a tree , unconscious . ,, Waah , is he dead!!! She took a stick and poked at him. He was still breathing. ,, OY , wake up. She kicked him against his leg. His body shocked like he was in pain. ,, O dear , what should I do? Then she saw that his head was bleeding.,, Waaah, you are hurt She sat down beside him . ,, Are you alright? He still did not respond. ,, What should I do ? She looked at his face , he looks like a stray cat. ,, I feel kind of bad if I just leave him here.