A Life Story

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Life... is the journey that everyone have to go through, be it ups or down; happy or sad.Life... is something that we owned and treasure most as we think it is precious, while some took it lightly and throw away their life just like it doesnt matter. What happened when the Life you wanted did not appear like what you imagined to be like? Try controlling Life, you end up with injuries that plant deep in your heart.Go with Life, you end up regreting not doing more than you could. Its like a truth or dare game, but are you up to the challenge?><><<~Kim Sungyeon~Her family was once a happy family that everyone is envy of.She look forward to every last school bell so she could go home to be greet by her smiling mother and father who just came back from work.As the year goes by, her mother lost her job.Her father, degraded from his job.It wasnt long before her father uses alchol to destress.Out of frustration, her mother found gambling the only way she could take her mind off from the thing that she doesnt want to face.It been years since her parent got addicted to the thing they did.They became possesive of their moneyThey would accusses of each other stealing or trying to steal the moneySungyeon would come back to the distant, cold house that she no longer recognize.Sometime, she have to deal with the fact that her father uses violent on her mother and being concern about her mum, she took the shield and being beaten up by her very own dad.~Wi Yeonni~A shy girl that was born into the wrong family.A mistake that her father makes lead her to the suffering in the main family of her dad.Her big mom and her step siblings hates her family for destryoing their.She was treated as slave/ dirt/ maid in the well-known millionaire home.At the age of 11, she wokes up in a hospital.Wraps in bandages around her arms, legs and head.That was when she learns that she have to live a whole new life.Being accusses of murdering her own mother/ sister and step mother.She learn that the accident was not an accident at all  Foreword Kim Sung Yeon19 yrs old165cm/ 44kgMajor in Art A boyish girl who have a big crush in the drama Kingka, Wooyoung (yes. 2pms wooyoung.)Her Life~ Cruse with a gambleholic mother and a alcholholic father who wishes she was never born. But she was bless when Kim Jonghyun appears in her life as her neighbour, they argue and quarrel a lots but they will always be there when the other half need them. Wi Yeon Ni18 yrs old166kg/ 42kgMajor in Art Her Life~ A mori girl with a body of full of illness. She had a over-protective brother, Lee Hong Ki who took care of her after she reach the age of 11 year old. She sworn to take a revenge for her love one but she is under the threaten of her illness. Lee Jin Ki19 yrs oldMajor in Music His Life~ A cheerful guy mainly named as Onew. Despite his condition (onews condition), he is always carrying a sweet smile on his face. Kim Jong Hyun19 yrs oldMajor in Music His Life~ Kim Sung Yeons neighbour. He have a big secret in the depth of his heart that even himself didnt realize it. When will he realize? And what is that secret? Kim Ki Bum18 yrs oldMajor in Dance His Life~ Key is what others call him. Born with silver spoon in his mouth and bless with the ability of fast adaption and multi talents. But when he meet her, everything comes crashing down. Choi Min Ho18 yrs oldMajor in Sport His Life~ He only have SPORT written all over his dictionary, but what happens if he was told to never touch sport again? Lee Tae Min18 yrs oldMajor in Dance His Life~ Naive/ Innocent. Wearing a perfect mask in the day time, but when night falls, he turn into another person whom know one can imagine him to be.  Lee Hong Ki20 yrs oldA freshman in College. His Life~ Label himself as Yeonnis guardian angel. He doesnt want money/ relationship/ friends or even family, he just wants his baby sister to be safe and always in his sight.<<_>>byul09Sat, 30 july 20116:20pmedited by: justvonnie (7:02PM)